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One Arizona Charter Chapter By-Laws Are Approved!


One Arizona Charter Chapter By-Laws Are Approved!

We are on our way!  With the approval of the ICF Arizona Bylaws by ICF Southern Arizona and ICF Phoenix Boards and their chapter members, we are now more actively progressing toward establishing ICF Arizona Charter Chapter!  

In addition, pursuant to these approved by-laws, both boards have approved the following members to serve on the nominating committee tasked with identifying and nominating qualified members to serve on the 1st board of ICF Arizona:

From ICF Southern Arizona:

  • Janet Foran (current President, ICF Southern Arizona)
  • Linda Drake (past-president)
  • Cornelia Long (past-president)

From ICF Phoenix

  • David Whitehorn (current President, ICF Phoenix)
  • Joy Lubeck (current President-elect, ICF Phoenix)
  • Laura Atwood (past-president, ICF Phoenix)

Representing Northern Arizona:

  • Jeanne Duncan


Board Nominations and Elections that make leadership opportunities available statewide will take place through October.  Final voting results to be announced on November 1. 

Actions have also been identified to ensure that necessary changes are made in Finance, Marketing, Communications Tools, Technology, Programs,  Educational Events and Special Programs to accommodate additions in the By-laws, including:

  • Three regions statewide (north, south and central)
  • Three VP's of Membership Experience, and
  • Statewide educational programs


Over the next few months, we will be inviting our members  to join us we navigate this transition to:

  • Create a state-wide coaching community to meet the future needs of coaches
  • Generate a community to evolve and support all coaching pursuits
  • Endeavor to be "local" or both statewide and local to enhance your membership experience


A big thanks to all those on the One Arizona transition team who have helped us to reach this point:

Facilitator - Joy Lubeck, ACC, MBA (ICF Phoenix)
The Team

  • Jill Juran, ACC, SHRMCP (ICF Phoenix)
  • Cornelia Long, MBA, EMC (ICFSAZ)
  • Miriam Spinner, PMP, MBA, ACC Candidate (ICF Phoenix)
  • Nancy Smyth, MCC (ICF SAZICF)


Chapter Presidents

  • Jan Foran, (ACC, MS (ICFSAZ)
  • David Whitehorn, MBA, PCC (ICF Phoenix)


Together there are endless opportunities to learn from each other and impact the places we work and live across the state of Arizona. If you are interested in taking a leadership role in 2019 or serve on a committee to support the ICF Arizona Chapter, please contact Janet Foran, President ( 

Important Dates!!!

September 22:

Chapter Event - Impact of Coaching on Organizational Health panel discussion with Karen Cappello MCC, Sandy Hogan PCC, Vic Settergren PCC, Rachel Schaming PCC followed by Q&A on the status of transitioning to ICF Arizona Charter Chapter.

November 30:  

Statewide celebration! Help us all toast ICF Arizona Charter Chapter.  Face-to-face and virtual celebrations will be held across the state that will bring us all together in one place at one time!

Warmest Regards to All

Jan Foran, ACC MS

President, ICF Southern Arizona