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Coffee & Coaching

Coffee & Coaching!

Do you enjoy your coffee or tea?  Or soda?

Do you have a favorite coffee shop or sandwich place?

Do you love to coach?

How about combining all of these during International Coaching Week (May 15-21)!

Promote and raise awareness of professional coaching!

ICFSAZ will help you coordinate location(s) and time(s) as well as share this information on a calendar and via various media outlets including the ICFSAZ website.

If you are like me and find this intriguing, then please contact our VP Programs, Nancy Cohen, no later than April 1 at

Your email subject line: ICW

Your email Message needs to contain the following:

      • Date
      • Time Frame
      • Coffee Shop
      • Coaching Topic/Specialty
      • One-on-One coaching sessions or Group?
      • Do you need assistance coordinating with the coffee shop? Yes/No 


Let’s engage with the community across Southern Arizona!  After all, Coaching is the Answer!!